Security Services

Residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal and anything in between - B's Electric LLC has the combination of technologies, experience, and expertise to complete your project. From conception to completion, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Let B's Electric LLC partner with you to develop an integrated plan to address your specific security requirements. From residential or commercial burglar alarms, fire alarms installation servicing and inspection, security cameras, and many others. Our two decades of experience make us the firm dedicated to your satisfaction.


What's happening in your home when you aren't there is just as important as what is happening when you are. Let us develop a comprehensive security package to meet your budget and expectations with a free home security analysis and consultation.


You're good at what you do, there are people out there who want to take what you've earned. A security system doesn't just protect your physical property, but your piece of mind as well. With a free security consultation you can rest easy knowing we're worrying about your safety so you don't have too.


Maybe a burglar alarm or camera system isn't what you need. Maybe you just want to turn on the lights, and unlock the doors when you aren't home. Maybe your corporate insurance provider is requiring a fire alarm. Maybe Grandma lives alone and you worry about her or your teenager is just starting to drive and you want to know where they are when they are and how they are? We have solutions for you.