Commercial Electrical Service

No matter what your business is, you don't have time to be without electricity. Your phone system relies on it, your computers rely on it, most importantly the "OPEN" sign relies on it. With B's Electric's rapid response you can know you'll be back up and running as soon as possible, keeping you profitable and efficient. Maybe it's time to make some changes to your layout, or even look into a new space, we can discuss options and techniques to keep your project costs as low as possible without compromising your vision.



A common problem in commercial spaces is repairing non working lights. Whether those are in the parking lot up high on poles, or in the lobby, with today's improvements in LED bulbs and fixtures, including the reduction of energy usage, we can work to lower future maintenance costs and current energy usage. 

Maybe you need a receptacle added for a new copier, or you've decided to add an employee fridge in the break room, there isn't a problem we can't solve.

Energy Efficiency

Managing your operating expenses is one of the biggest challenges facing any business. The challenge of reducing overhead requires a multi-faceted approach. Automated lighting controls, smart usage monitors, LED lighting upgrades are just the beginning.

The secondary benefits of increasing your energy efficiency don't 

Renovations and New Construction

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