Advanced Security Options

If a traditional security system isn't enough or isn't what you're looking for, we have additional options. From Medical Alerts for the vulnerable in your life who you'd feel better knowing someone was checking on, to the new driver in your family who hasn't quite mastered both looking at the speedometer and actually obeying the legal limits, or the ability to control your home up north while your toes are in the sand. We can build a solution for your specific need.

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Home Automation Services

Set up your lights to turn when you open your garage door after a long day at work so you don't have to walk into a dark house. Get a notification if the kids fiddle with the thermostat (Dad's, we're here to ease your anxiety). Maybe you just want to be able to let the dog watcher in while you're on vacation without worrying about leaving keys or giving them an tutorial on your alarm system. We can make your life simpler.


GPS Vehicle Tracking Services

You have a new driver in the family. You can't believe it, and we understand. Just yesterday they were learning to ride their bike, keeping them safe meant training wheels. Unfortunately, a car doesn't come with training wheels. Until now. Get updates on speed, location, arrivals and departures. Know where they are, when they got there, and how long they've been there. Keep your most prized possession safe. And if they take the corvette, keep them safe too.

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Personal Emergency Response Systems

Keeping your independence is what keeps us sane. Perhaps a living community isn't right for yourself or the loved one in your life. Stay home, stay secure, and most importantly, stay independent with a personal emergency response system, sometimes called a Medical Alert. With long term and short term leasing opportunities you can help your loved one in their home, safe, comfortable, and looked after when you can't.