In 1987, Master Electrician Bryan Chalou and his wife, Business Manager Sandy Chalou, started B's Electric LLC. Their son, Rollie Chalou, worked with the company through junior high and high school, joining as a full time apprentice in 2001, earning his Master's license in 2008. Rollie now manages the Bay City location as well as oversees the entire B Secure division. Their daughter Kellie Parker, painted the shop buildings during the summers of her high school years. After graduating from college she joined B's Electric in 2011 as Sales and Services coordinator.

Michael Bach, joined B's Electric in 1998. With over 30 years experience in the electrical industry Mike (or "Mach" coming from his majestic Texas drawl) is a customer favorite.

Our mission is simple - to provide our customers with the quality they have come to expect from a professional contractor. We aim to provide our customers with top notch service and expertise so you receive the satisfaction you deserve.


Bryan Chalou, Owner/Operator

Sandy Chalou, Business Manager

Rollie Chalou, General Manager

Kellie Parker, Sales and Services Coordinator