Residential Electrical Services

Your home electrical system is the catalyst for modern comfort. Nearly everything in your home relies on safe, reliable electricity. With over 30 years experience B's Electric has the expertise for any project your home may present. From repairing a non working receptacle, replacing a dated ceiling fan, or renovating kitchens, bathrooms and beyond, our dedicated team will see your project through from inception to completion.



Broken or non-working plugs and flickering lights can be safety hazards. As many as 51,000 estimated home fires are caused by electrical issues each year, resulting in as many as 500 deaths and thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in damage. Don't put off electrical service, with our convenient scheduling and expertise we can solve your issues and ensure your safety.


So the time has come to update your living space. Your kitchen isn't functional anymore, or you need more room for the jacuzzi tub in the master bath. Maybe the light fixtures from 2002 just don't fit your tastes any longer. Whether your home is your fortress of solitude or the gathering place for all your friends, our staff is dedicated to providing you with the service you expect on time and within budget.

Additional Improvements

The improvements in smart home technology can feel a bit overwhelming. Just because the internet and television tell you, you can do it yourself, sometimes, a guiding hand is helpful. We have the training necessary to help you connect your smart devices. 

Maybe you want an automatic stand-by generator. Nothing is more comforting than knowing  if your power goes out that you can expect your lights to turn back on in less than 30 seconds. With a B's Electric installed automatic stand-by generator you can know that no matter what the weather brings, you'll be comfortable with the lights on.