Surveillance Camera Systems

Who's watching your home or business when you're not there? Whether you're out on a sales call, or relaxing in your favorite vacation spot. With a surveillance camera system from B's Electric, you can rest assured knowing you won't miss a thing. Review recorded video or monitor a live video feed from anywhere you desire. We'll custom build a system for your specific needs.


Residential High Definition Cameras

What good is low resolution video when you need it most? Today's products allow you to review and monitor video that has been recorded or is streaming live. Get notifications when the kids get home from school, or if the dog chases the mailman down the fence. From a single camera or a traditional multiple camera set up. We will design a one of a kind system for your unique needs.

Business Surveillance Cameras Systems

Being prepared to protect yourself from shrinkage or employee theft are two key reasons for installing a camera system at your place of business. However, the added benefits too often go unmentioned. Documenting slip and falls, conflict resolution, and employee protection are common value added benefits that are worth each penny many times over when the need arises.